Twitter Code Included ‘Government Requested’ Intervention Tool

Twitter CEO Elon Musk published Twitter source code on March 31. Steven Tey, a tech researcher, and developer, published a thread that contained key points. It included what appears to be a “Government Requested” intervention tool.

Tey tweeted: “When necessary the government can interfere in the Twitter algorithm. ” “In fact, @TwitterEng even has a class for it — ‘GovernmentRequested.'” The screenshotted Twitter code Tey included in his tweet showed “SoftInterventionDisplayType.GovernmentRequested.” What does this mean exactly?

Tey also found that Twitter favors Twitter Blue subscribers. This is because the algorithm tracks and compares their posts. These are Musk, Power users, and Democrat users. Tweets with video or images get a double boost. The “following to follow ratio” is also important.

But the real question is: What does “Government requested” intervention actually mean? And does it still exist? They are currently under the control of the State Department.

Tey’s findings were correlated with the allegations of censorship. This included elections in France and Brazil.

A Media Research Center poll found that 4.6% of Biden voters wouldn’t have voted for Joe Biden had they known about the scandals. This included FBI priming Russian disinformation.

COVID-19 was a continuous stream of government propaganda that was later retracted. COVID-19 is a constant stream of propaganda from the government that was later retracted.