Leaked Internal Memo Adds Fuel to Woke Controversy, Further Diminishing Their Position

Target is suffering heavy losses as a result of the controversy surrounding a “pride” month campaign. This was at the request of displeased customers. We previously reported that the problems of Target began after targeting children with transgender ideologies via books and clothes.

Brian Cornell, the CEO of the company, resisted removing certain items that were offensive. These included books that taught children to be non-binary.

Cornell said, “I believe those are good business decisions and that it is the right thing to do for society and for our brand.”

The executive, who is responsible for a company that employs over 450,000 people in more than 1,900 offices across the country, stated that their strategy was to serve a growing customer base.

Cornell stated that “the things we have done from a DE&I (diversity equity and inclusion) standpoint add value.”

It’s driving sales and building greater engagement for both our team and our guests. These are the things that our business needs today.

Cornell may be right in that his actions are helping to build engagement, but is it “helping” the company’s efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion “helping to drive sales?” From where I sit, Target has snubbed a large percentage of its clients to satisfy a tiny fraction who didn’t want the books to be sold.

The idea that DEI somehow helps companies is absurd. It makes no sense. If they had not even stocked the books, neither side nor the pro-trans lobby, would have given a second thought to what Target did or didn’t do. These woke CEOs are driving their companies to the ground in the name of what amounts to worthless, negative virtue signaling.

Target’s public image is not going to be improved by a leaked internal memo.

The author of the memo cites Cornell as a way to thank them for their care for the “LGBTQIA+ Community.” They then begin to talk about George Floyd and the resources that are available to those who may still be in pain over the death three years ago of a person they did not know. What in the world is going on?

Who is this stuff for? Who is concerned that a store selling clothes and toiletries, Target, is doing everything it can to honor George Floyd if they work there or shop there regularly? This is the type of useless virtue signaling that I am talking about. It is self-destructive for major corporations to be obsessed with injecting divisive politics into their corporate structures. The people just want to buy things without being forced to follow the latest leftist pursuit.

How do those who push DEI get to power? Is it because of the threat that they will be targeted by the left if not in line? It’s a bad decision, and Target will regret it if it doesn’t want it to get worse. Bud Light is a good example of how conservatives don’t play around anymore. Target is responsible for becoming the next big target.