Turkish ‘Princess’ Vows That Islam Will ‘Break the Western Cross’

Esra Erdogan, daughter of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who just won another five-year term as President, attacked recently the West and Christianity using jihadist rhetoric.

The “first daughter”, in a tweet, wrote in Arabic rather than her native Turkish. She said that the Islamic crescent has little chance of breaking the Western Cross.

This phrase is understood by all Muslims and misunderstood in the West. It is therefore a symbol of Muslim continuity, while Westerners are confused.

Both a literal as well as a figurative sense is implied.

In regard to the first, Muslims literally “broke the cross” as per the commandment of their prophet. In the past and in the present, Muslims continue to destroy crucifixes, whether on cemeteries, churches or Christians, as a way to show their hatred for the Gospel.

The cover of the Islamic State magazine Dabiq in June 2015 featured a Muslim who was breaking a cross from a steeple church, along with the words, “Break the Cross”.

More figuratively, “break the cross” has always meant “defeat Christianity”–another thing that Muslims, past and present, have been fervently striving for–including, apparently, the ostensibly “secularized” daughter of Turkey’s president, a “sociologist” by profession.

Through violent jihad in the past, Muslims were able to swallow up nearly three quarters of the original Christian World, including the Middle East and North Africa. They also managed to conquer “Turkey”, or Anatolia. The Muslims also briefly conquered other Christian territory (Spain and the Mediterranean), and continually harried the remainder (even reaching Iceland to take slaves, and eventually provoking the newly-born American nation into its first world war).

The Europeans, back in the days when Islam was a powerful force, fought with all their might to defeat terrorists, and protect their faith and heritage.

Rather than showing gratitude for the Muslim migrants, many of them display Islam’s traditional contempt and prey upon “infidels.”

Westerners are not only enabling this hatred, but also allowing it to continue. For over a thousand years, they were the victims of it.

The assertion “There is not much left for the Islamic crescent” to break the Western Cross is more indicative of the condition of Christianity in Western countries than Islam.