GOP Letter Reveals Key Details on RNC, DNC Pipe Bomb Suspect

What happened in the case involving the suspect accused of planting pipe bombs in the DNC and RNC on January 5, 2021?

All those who were even remotely involved in the events of the day have been tracked down and treated harshly (unlike the BLM/Antifa 2020 riots). This is the only case where there seems to be no real action taken to uncover the identity of the suspect, despite the fact that the video was captured.

I wrote in March about this matter when FBI Director Wray told Bret Baier they were very serious about the case but refused to discuss informants or agents they may have had on Jan. 6 involved.

They wrote a letter stating that they have been trying to obtain an FBI briefing on this matter since September 2, 2021, when Posey requested a meeting. The letter was also sent on March 9, 2022, and again on January 17, 2019. The FBI has not complied with this request for over a year and a half.

They also note that they have received a disclosure from a whistleblower that raises concerns about the “unusual nature” of the FBI investigation into the issue that they wish to inquire about.

The whistleblower revealed that, over a year following the placement of bombs, the Washington Field Office had asked FBI field offices nationwide to canvass confidential human sources for information on the individual and crime. They also requested that this canvass include sources reporting all [types] of threats, because “the suspect’s motive and ideology remains unknown.”

Does “all confidential human sources” just sound like an attempt to look like the people are doing something, or do they really mean it?

The fact that the briefing is being blown off, again and again, raises many questions about what is going on in this situation and what they do not want us to learn.

The letter then dropped a bombshell when it talked about “media reports” relating to what an alleged former agent who worked in the case said.

The FBI linked the suspected pipe bomber to a MetroRail SmarTrip Card that the subject used to travel through the Washington Metro system to
a stop in Northern Virginia. The FBI used security camera footage from the Northern Virginia Metro stop to identify the license plate of a car that the individual entered.’ Still, the FBI has not identified the subject.

How can you possibly not know this person if all of that is true? Do you know and just don’t care to tell? Does he/she shine? I see a woman in the video.

They are a bunch of loons. If it was someone that they could somehow link to being Republican, I think that person would have already been snapped up. If the story about a license plate is true, then one has to wonder what exactly is going on. What’s the issue here, given how they found all the others?

According to the letter, “One former FBI assistant director observed, “it just doesn’t add up. There’s just too much to work with to not know who this guy is.”

The GOP has now demanded a briefing on this issue no later than the 7th of June.