U.S. Government Now Confiscating Private Legal Fund Donations to Jan. 6 Defendants

Daniel Goodwyn, a Texas resident who pleaded guilty for storming the U.S. Capitol less than two months ago, appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show. He promoted a site where supporters could give money to Goodwyn and to other rioters referred to as “political prisoner” by the website. ”

The Justice Department wants Goodwyn, who raised more than $25,000 in donations to return the money. This is part of an ongoing effort to stop rioters profiting from their involvement in the attack which shook American democracy to its foundations.

According to an Associated Press court record review, prosecutors are increasingly asking for fines to be added to prison sentences in more than 1,000 criminal proceedings dating back to Jan. 6, 2021 to offset donations made by supporters of Capitol rioters.

According to the DHS, domestic terrorists and white supremacists are the top terror threats in the United States.

Markus Maly of Virginia, who is scheduled to be sentenced for assaulting Capitol police next month, raised over $16,000 through an online campaign describing him as a “January 6 P.O.W.” Markus Maly, a Virginia man scheduled to be sentenced next month for assaulting police at the Capitol, raised more than $16,000 from an online campaign that described him as a “January 6 P.O.W.”

A prosecutor stated in court documents that he should not have been able to “capitalize” on his involvement in the Capitol breach.

It would be different if a plaintiff had donated money to one of the defendants and claimed that he was misled by the defendants about its use. However, this is not the case.

I’m hesitant to turn this into an entire Trump-bashing situation because, frankly speaking, he receives enough criticism from conservative media (which is valid), but where has he spent all these years with the Jan. 6, political prisoner issue?

I watched live as Trump explicitly encouraged the crowd to march to the Capitol. He may not have said that he encouraged them riot but he did state (paraphrasing) that the only thing to do to bring the country back is to use strength. This statement could be interpreted in many ways by people who are already angry at the result of the recent elections they feel was rigged.

Although he recently pledged to pardon some of these people if he becomes president, this is not the case.