Lauren Boebert: The Latest Love-Hate Story We’re Over

Recent straw polls conducted in Lauren Boebert’s new district suggest that her short political career has ended.

Boebert made his first political move in 2020 [checks the notes], only two electoral cycles before. Boebert, a married young mother of four, was not just Trumpian brashness. She and her husband owned a restaurant called Shooters Grill where the waitresses carried their guns in public.

What makes a service attractive? What are the downsides of firearms?

There was a lot of work to be done after Boebert arrived in Washington. Boebert was very good at making headlines about important issues like our open border with Mexico. Boebert was often the subject of headlines for the wrong reasons.

Boebert was re-elected in 2022 with a margin of less than 600 votes out of 327,110 ballots cast.

Boebert’s solution? It’s a carpetbag from Colorado’s 4th District located in the Eastern Plains. Ken Buck, a Republican from Windsor who has represented the 4th district for 10 years, has decided to retire after completing his current term.

Cook claims that the 4th District is more Republican, with R+13 compared to R+7. If she can win by just 1,000 votes rather than 500 votes, then she could win her seat back. Boebert’s only chance of winning is to beat a group of GOP candidates during the primaries.

After the 4th district GOP primary debate, a straw poll was conducted. Boebert placed fifth out of nine candidates. Colorado Politics stated Boebert’s low support surprised many in the room but was shrugged off by others.

The sample size was small and the poll was not scientific. The poll confirms a feeling I’ve had for more than a year. Colorado is so sick of Lauren Boebert and her “ME!” ME! ME! ” antics.

The nicest words anyone has ever said about her since her 2022 reelection is “She almost lost us a win?” “She’s GOT To Go” or similar. Since Boebert’s unabashed careerism was made public by her move to Colorado’s 4th district, I have not heard any Colorado Republican say anything good about her.

Boebert said that she would not let “dark” money that was meant to ruin her steal the seat. It is unfair to the 3rd District and the conservatives that have worked so hard for our victories… George Soros, Hollywood actors, and other people trying to purchase the seat should go pound sand.

Republicans are also rallying behind a target that is similar to Donald Trump. His support increases with every politically motivated indictment. Colorado Republicans moved on after their brief affair because Boebert was a more effective representative of her district than those in it.

Smart politicians know how to play the game to give the impression that they represent their district in Washington, D.C., and not themselves. Boebert does not appear to be a smart politician, and searching for more friendly votes will not change this.