Biden’s Puppetry: Chatting with Elmo the Muppet

Joe Biden was supposed to run for office.

He is also dealing with multiple crises. For a while, we’ve been attacked by militants backed by Iran. There have been 160 attacks on U.S. assets. Dozens of American soldiers were injured and three are now dead.

He contacted the families three days ago. Joe Biden said he was considering a possible response to the murders, and his team had outlined a few options for the enemy. His “don’t do it” strategy hasn’t worked in the case of Iran and its militants.

Hamas still holds American hostages, but Biden’s team hasn’t mentioned them in the past. I believe they hope we will forget them.

Last month, the border was also awash with illegal aliens. More than 302,000 people were recorded as having crossed it, plus escaped.

In the end, Biden is threatening Texas and fighting them for doing his job of defending the border. In a bizarre twist, he also claims that he has always believed a crisis exists. However, Republicans have not given him the authority he needs to address it. This despite his denials of a crisis ever since he took office. The public also laughed at Rep. Robert Garcia’s (D-CA’s) hilarious attempt to divert attention from Joe Biden’s failure.

What exactly does Joe Biden do instead of addressing or solving these problems?

He’s speaking to Elmo. This isn’t an amusing joke.

Come on man! Do his handlers not have any sense? They don’t know how ridiculous this makes him appear.

“I know that some days it’s hard to clear the clouds and reach sunnier days,” Biden said (or his intern). “Our friend Elmo was right. We must be there for one another, help a neighbor who is in need, and, above all, ask for assistance when we are in need. You’re never truly alone, even when it’s difficult.

The puppet quotes another muppet. It’s the same guy who demonized millions as extremists for supporting his political rival. People have a lot to share on this issue.

We are in a lot of trouble now that this guy is in the office.