Climate Activists’ Bizarre Protest: Throwing Soup on the Mona Lisa to Save the Planet

According to climate activists, irresponsible behavior by humans has led to the earth becoming so hot that people are starving. They have found a solution: defacing great works of art with soup. I feel cooler already after seeing the Mona Lisa on Sunday.

Two women in t-shirts reading “Food Counterattack” and “Riposte Alimentar,” entered the Louvre in Paris, approached the Mona Lisa, and yelled, “What’s most important?” “Is it art or the right to a healthy, sustainable diet? Your agricultural system has a serious illness. 

It’s not because greedy capitalists are heating the world, but (for example) because socialist internationalists, like those from Riposte Alimentaire, force the closing of farms in Germany, and the Netherlands, and destroy the livelihood of farmers under the name of climate action. It’s not because capitalists are greedy and warming the planet, but because socialist internationalists like those of Riposte Alimentaire force farms to close in Germany and the Netherlands, and destroy farmers’ livelihoods in the name of climate action.

The activists hurled mashed potatoes at Claude Monet’s Haystacks in the Museum Barberini in Potsdam, Germany, despite the absurdity of their proclamation. The activists then stuck their fingers to the walls and settled in for a day full of climate hectoring, propaganda, and a lot of mashed potatoes.

It is an annoying and stupid form of protest. The soup, mashed potato, and cake that was thrown could have been used for the starving people whom these leftists claim to be fighting for.

Riposte Alimentaire argued that the authorities will not take action, because they share the same left-leaning views as those protesting climate change. They also called for an end to the economic system that “stigmatizes the most vulnerable and does not respect our right to eat.” Riposte Alimentaire was too busy to explain.

The museums will probably implement more effective security measures, despite their apparent sympathy for the protesters. However, the protesters themselves will also likely up the ante. It is a political philosophy that has been oppressive in the past and failed to bring economic justice.

We only have hope.