Kamala Harris Is Headed to Nashville for Debatable Reasons

Kamala Harris arrived in the city where six Christians were killed by a transgender militant biological male (now a woman) almost two weeks ago. Is she headed there to meet with and offer her condolences to the heartbroken families or to speak against the evils of political violence? Of course, not.

One of the most disgusting moves in the Biden administration’s history, and there is a lot of competition, she will show support for the “Tennessee Three.” This would be the same “Tennessee Three,” who incited and participated in an insurrection that led to the expulsion of two Democrats from the state legislature.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh had these words to say about Harris’ visit.

This is exactly what I think. Harris and the administration are reprehensible for not mentioning that Christians were the victims of a terrible mass shooting. Then, they show up when their political allies are expelled for using a mob in order to shut down the legislature. This is a perfect example of their priorities. They would rather promote propaganda about a grifting activist being punished properly than they are about literal dead children. It is beyond disgusting and morally bankrupt.

I have been assured that there is nothing worse than people storming a capitol. It wasn’t the January 6th violence that made this unusual. There had been many other far worse riots during the previous year. Instead, Democrats told us that obstruction of legislative work was the key to the game-changer. This is exactly what the “Tennessee Three” did.

They joined forces with a mob and stormed the capitol building of the state. Police then skirmished with them until they reached the balcony overlooking the legislative floor. Justin Jones, Justin Pearson, and Gloria Johnson, three Democrats, grabbed a bullhorn to shout down their colleagues in support of the insurrectionists. Because “protesters” were blocking exits, representatives had to be evacuated.

That is insurrection by every definition that the left has used over the past two years. Kamala Harris is the Vice President of America and will be visiting Nashville to show solidarity with the insurrectionists. She’s pushing a message about gun control through the bodies of children she has killed while neglecting the victims. It’s even more disgusting when you put it all out there.

Although the Biden administration is always ahead of the curve, the last few weeks have felt like another leap across Rubicon. Harris and the rest don’t care about hiding the ball anymore. They don’t care about the fact that Christians were killed. They will not even use the term “Christian” to describe the tragedy. They don’t even get to meet the families of the victims. Instead, they visit the legislators in Tennessee. It’s terrible.