DeSantis Says Republicans Have Developed a Culture of Losing

It is likely the 2024 Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis continues to respond indirectly to Donald Trump’s ongoing attacks by pointing to the inconsistencies, as the popular Florida governor sees them, between his victories and Trump crediting himself for the “very disloyal” DeSantis and his successes.

DeSantis gave a speech in Michigan on Thursday. He was a powerful speaker. DeSantis stated that the Republicans have created a culture of losing, while Florida has a culture of winning.

This could be a slogan for a campaign, or something more. It all depends on how close the slogan is to the truth. We’ll find out which one as we go along.

According to the Daily Wire, DeSantis stressed that Republicans must get rid of the culture and loss that they have experienced in recent years. He spoke at the Midland County Republicans’ annual Spring Breakfast.

You can’t win in this endeavor. I see the problem with the United States of America with Republicans. They have a culture that encourages losing.

DeSantis also mentioned an earlier story in which a left-wing candidate won the crucial seat on Wisconsin’s Supreme Court. This led to the state’s highest court being a left-wing majority for the first 15 years.

I won’t try to make it harder, but instead of trying to make it more difficult, let me leave Trump’s Truth Social post right here.

Daniel Kelly (Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Election Winner) just lost to his opponent. It is foolishness to not seek Trump’s Endorsement, which would have won him his election.


DeSantis explained what the differences are between the Florida GOP and the national party.

Florida is a culture that wins. We have a culture of execution and delivering results.

Be strong in your convictions. You must be open to accepting that people will come at and attack you, no matter what their motivations.

What do you know? It’s worth it, I believe. We all know that people have made greater sacrifices in order to be free.

If they consider you a threat to their power, Governor, they will pursue you from every side. If they see you as a threat to their power, they will label you “very dishonest”.

Ron DeSantis, a smart man, is also very focused on the prize. He refuses to get into the mud.


In reference to my last paragraph before the video, remember when “some” self-declared “conservatives” lauded Ron DeSantis? I mean, prior to all the talk about the increasingly popular governor becoming a likely 2024 GOP candidate? Me, too.

And remember how that all changed, as the 2024 speculation continued? Me, too. The silly nicknames? The name-calling of DeSantis supporters and political writers who want DeSantis to run? Yep, me, too.

DeSantis’s policies and praises have not changed between the time he was applauded or when he is being castigated. It is easy to see.