Kamala Harris Faces Fallout as Biden’s Debate Disaster Reverberates

Did anyone else have a bad Thursday night? Kamala Harri’s political prospects just went from being bad to being spectacularly bad.

She wasn’t happy with her choice of career after she dropped her presidential bid in the year 2020, despite a stunning entrance. Joe Biden chose her as his running mate to run his successful campaign. Harris has not impressed in the last three and a half years. Her approval rating is lower than the Marianas Trench.

Harris is the obvious choice to replace Biden after his historically bad debate performance. Democrats even admit that Biden is no longer a fit commander-in-chief. Democrats are instead turning to California Governor Gavin Newsom. He is a complete failure as a governor and has done everything he can do to destroy the Golden State. However, he looks like a TV president and uses the same talking points. It is enough to convince a low-information Democrat that he’s their man.

Kamala, who could smell defeat, did not bother to attend. Was she not invited to the event? Instead, Kamala appeared in an interview conducted from her LA home to pretend there was no Democratic Apocalypse. Anderson Cooper of CNN saw the writing on the wall and asked Vice President Biden to explain why Democrats “panicked”, after Biden’s debate.

What do you think? He asked.

Harris said: “It began slowly, but it ended strongly.” “Joe Biden is a man of extraordinary strength. ”

Cooper pressed her and she replied: “People can disagree about style points. “I get that you’re making a statement about an hour-and-a-half debate tonight. I’m talking about three-and-a-half years of work, and a historic performance. ”

Right. She reminds me of those violin players on the Titanic.

“The President’s performance tonight was disappointing for his supporters. CNN reports that Democratic lawmakers watching the debate were worried about the President’s performance. One said it was a disaster. Another called it a trainwreck. Those are Democrats.”

Your campaign wanted the debate to be held at this time. Can you honestly say that after watching President Obama perform last night, you are not concerned at all?

Harris seemed defeated. Although she tried to fight the reality that was in front of her, her heart was not in it. She was aware that her career in politics was over. There have been rumors that she would run for governor of California if she lost, but it is more likely that she will become a low-rated MSNBC host.

She is a bad politician who will continue to profit from her message of division. Goodbye.