Family Files $65 Million Lawsuit Against LA Child Welfare Office After Toddler’s Fentanyl Overdose Death

The family of a 17-month-old toddler who died of an overdose of fentanyl is suing the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

Montise Bulley filed a suit against the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, alleging that Justin Bulley died in the custody of his mother despite her being a known unsuitable caregiver.

Justin died after ingesting Fentanyl in 2024 at his grandmother and mother’s Lancaster house. They both had a history of drug use and criminal behavior. DCFS accepted Justin and his siblings despite numerous red flags. Montise fought for custody at the time.

Montise has filed a lawsuit against DCFS for $65,000,000, claiming Justin died when he fell unconscious in the presence of his mother, grandfather, and DCFS social workers.

The lawsuit claims that social workers were aware of previous drug- and DUI arrests involving the boy’s grandmother, Jessie Darthard as well as Jessica Darthard.

Brian Claypool has said that the Department of Children and Family Services of L.A. County, Lancaster is pathetic.

Claypool referred to the criminal activities of the mother at a media event.

Claypool said that the mother had been convicted in California of a first-time offense dating back to 2006. Claypool stated that the mother was convicted of a first offense in California, dating back to 2006.

Claypool claims that Jessica should not have had access to her children due to other grave reasons.

According to the lawsuit, Jessica’s four children were present when her boyfriend died of an overdose on April 10, 2023.

She had been arrested for drunk driving and colliding with a large truck with her children in it. Baby Justin was not even in a safety seat.

Court documents state that “the search for Jessica Darthard revealed numerous alcohol-related arrests and cruelty to a child in 2023.” “[Jessica] was known to have a history with drugs and alcohol. She was also a drug addict. DCFS knew her father was a prominent drug dealer in Antelope Valley. ”

A social worker assigned to Justin’s death visited his family the night Justin passed away. Her three children were also present. Both the mother and the grandfather consumed fentanyl while the children were home.

Claypool said that it was just a matter of time before at least one child died at the hands of this mother. “This house could have had six more children. ”

Claypool reacted to the allegations by stating that the social worker was a close friend of Jessica.

The lawsuit stated that the social worker fled with her kids when she discovered Justin would be in serious trouble for consuming the drugs.

Claypool replied, “The woman who was named by the county has been the one at the scene of the death!” “And what’s she doing?” Claypool asked. The woman didn’t even try to save the children. Instead, she ran. ”

The lawsuit states that after testing her social worker, the law enforcement officers detained her and discovered that all three children of hers had fentanyl in their system.

The family has filed a lawsuit for $65 million in damages.

Los Angeles is one of the hardest hit cities in the United States by fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is often trafficked from the south. With the current border crisis, the problem has only gotten worse.

A report by the L.A. County Department of Public Health revealed that for the first time, methamphetamine wasn’t the top drug in terms of deaths from overdoses. Instead, fentanyl was responsible for 60% of all accidental overdoses. The report also stated that Black Angelenos are still disproportionately affected.

California Attorney-General Rob Bonta issued a press release discussing details of a briefing.

California Attorney-General Rob Bonta, local and federal partners, and the California-Mexico border were briefed on fentanyl. The seizures of fentanyl at the California ports of entry increased between 47 and 60% during this period.

The lawsuit makes several allegations that if true would expose at least two failures by the government.

California’s Child Welfare Office failed this family. She was exhibiting the same behavior as her grandmother and mother.

The border crisis has empowered Mexican drug cartels to smuggle fentanyl into the United States. Border Patrol agents are so overworked that they can’t intercept drugs in time to prevent them from reaching American citizens. Biden’s administration has failed miserably at dealing with the influx of illegal immigrants, asylum-seekers, and other people who try to cross the border.

Justin Bulley is Justin Bulley as long as these issues are not addressed.