Jill Biden’s Ex-Husband Drops Bombshell: ‘She’s the One Eyeing the Presidency Now

The president has taken a lot more heat than usual in the wake of Joe Biden’s disastrous performance at the debate on Thursday night. But he is not the only one. Joe Biden’s wife Dr. Jill Biden has also come under fire from a variety of pundits. They accuse her as a heartless, power-drunk Lady Macbeth who pushes her husband, who is confused, to continue running.

Shame on Jill Biden

Bill Stevenson was married to the Doctor of Education from 1970 to 1975, and he no longer recognizes her: Bill Stevenson, who was married to the Doctor of Educational from 1970 to 1975 no longer recognizes his wife:

Stevenson remarked, “The Dr. Jill Biden I saw on TV over the past five years is not who I married nor am I able to recognize her in any way.” She’s transformed into a different woman.

The first lady was gushing about her husband’s performance in the debate on Thursday, despite calls to withdraw Biden from the race.

She told him, “Joe you did a wonderful job,” at an after-party for a debate. You answered all the questions. “You knew the facts.” Note: This isn’t a parody. This is what she said.

Stevenson questions if Joe is really behind the obsession of the president to run, despite his obvious cognitive decline.

Stevenson stated, “I don’t know why she’s so insistent on defending him and keeping in the race when it seems that he is struggling.” It appears that he is struggling with everyone these days.

I’ve been proud at times of her. I don’t have any hard feelings. After so many years of being under the radar, I am just surprised that she is now front and center. She has always been driven.

People say that she wants to be the president.

Stevenson does a good job of trying to avoid slandering his ex-wife but has no qualms about referring to the president.

Stevenson stated, “I cringe when he calls Trump as a liar. I tell you now that there is no greater liar in the world than President Biden.”

He’s a bad guy. I’m one of only a few people who have known him for more than 50 years.

Whoa. Tell us your real thoughts.

Biden’s performance in the debate on Thursday night is so bad that pundits from all political sides are calling for his exit from the presidential race.

Stevenson made headlines before by questioning the Jill and Joe Harlequin Romance storyline, as well as writing a book on how they had an affair while she was still his wife in the 1970s.

I, along with many others, have wondered if Joe Biden is just Barack Obama’s third term. What if Jill “Doctor Education” Biden has been behind the throne for all these years? This narrative is becoming more plausible.