Trump Seeks to Overturn Manhattan Convictions After Bombshell SCOTUS Immunity Ruling

Donald Trump’s legal team acted quickly after Monday’s historic Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity, which shocked liberals and made Republicans smile. The 34 convictions Donald Trump received in Manhattan’s Alvin Bragg trial for business fraud were overturned by his legal team.

This move is just a few days before the 11th July sentencing date.

In a letter sent to the judge in the case, Mr. Trump’s lawyers asked for permission to file a request to set aside the ruling, just hours after the Supreme Court handed down its landmark decision involving another of Mr. Trump’s criminal cases. The letter won’t be made public until at least Tuesday when prosecutors can respond.

The SCOTUS Decision is important for the following reasons:

The Court ruled, with a majority of 6-3, that a former President has absolute immunity about his constitutional core powers. Former presidents also have a right to at least presumption immunity for official acts. There is no immunity, however, for acts that are not official.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for the Court and laid out a ruling that will likely confuse those on both sides, to varying degrees. The lower courts were asked to decide which acts were “official” and “unofficial” in this case.

We reported that the former President was delighted with the decision, while Mr. “Democracy”–continued to attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the nation’s highest court.

Trump posted on Truth Social all day and continued to do so in the afternoon.


Trump’s latest attempt raises many doubts, but you can rest assured that Bragg and the hopelessly biased judge Juan Merchan will make every effort to prevent Trump from succeeding in his endeavor.

…[Trump’s] lawyers will likely argue that the prosecutor’s case was based in part on evidence from Trump’s time at the White House. Under the Supreme Court’s ruling, prosecutors may not charge presidents for official acts and they cannot use evidence of official acts as a basis to support other accusations.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, which brought the lawsuit, is yet to respond. It is also unclear whether the judge would delay the first sentencing for an American president. But Mr. Trump appeared to have caused at least a short interruption. The Manhattan district attorney’s offices did not make a recommendation on Monday to the judge regarding whether or not to imprison Mr. Trump.

We have reported how the decision on immunity negatively impacts Special Counsel Jack Smith’s cases against President Trump and makes it unlikely that they will be litigated before the November election. The ruling could still have a positive impact on Trump’s campaign, even though Bragg is not a federal case.

Biden has had a bad few days, while the former president has enjoyed a great few.