Chaos Erupts in NYC as Pride Month Comes to a Turbulent End

A new Pride Month is over. The usual fawning and scandalized coverage was not given. It could be that this time, America and the rest of the world are more concerned about other issues. It may be because organizers have realized the worst possible outcome: the world has grown bored of Pride and no one cares. It’s become a thing of the past.

Pride Month in New York City ended with a bang. The month-long celebrations did not end in a celebration of love, acceptance, and rainbow fireworks with winged unicorns falling from the sky. It ended with confrontations, fights, and twerking. I do know that twerking has become a popular trend. At these events, I will get to this in a minute.

Hamas demonstrators were present, as one would expect. The violent often win the Battle of the Intersection. The Post Millennial reports that protesters blocked Greenwich Village’s parade route, painting floats red and chanting “Over 40,000 Dead.” Instead, you’re arresting people. Free Palestine. Free, free, freedom Palestine.” Some reports claim that the red paint wasn’t just for the Pride marchers, but was also used on the floats.

The fun had only just begun. The New York Post reported that once the parade reached Washington Square, “fistfights” and other brawls ensued, with rubberneckers capturing the moment for posterity on the internet. The Post reported that:

According to the video, in another violent incident, a woman who was bleeding profusely from her face and had dried blood on her shirt went head-to-head with a friend as the crowd cheered loudly. One woman pushed another woman off the edge of the park’s famous water fountain, while another brawler pulled a woman wearing a pink top to the ground. After dragging the young woman in pink for a while, others stepped in to assist.

As a cherry on Sunday’s Rainbow Sunday, a few people climbed atop a car and twerked, while another man hummed a light pole as he climbed to the top. The only strange thing about this is that twerking usually is reserved for actual celebrants.

It sounds like everyone had a good time.

This is not surprising. By its nature, pride is a celebration of egoism and self-gratification. It is not at all anomalous that some attendees would take the message “do whatever thou wills” to its natural conclusion. You could say that the chaos was the end goal of not only the latest version of Pride Month but also of the Free Palestine Movement. Hamas supporters release a lot of dopamine into their brains when they terrorize someone, throw a smoke bomb at them, or paint a salvo.

Funny how you never hear about these people organizing food or coat drives, picking up trash, or renovating homes. These people don’t care about creating a better future. They never look beyond themselves, and destruction or self-satisfaction is not just interconnected but a goal in itself for them.