Chaos Erupts at New York Pride: Anti-Israel Agitators Destroy Floats, Block Parade Route

Anti-Israel agitators blocked the parade route in New York on the last day of Pride Month and destroyed and vandalized floats.

A video posted on social networks shows a group of anti-Israel agitators seated in the street holding posters and yelling “Free Palestine” or “From the ocean to the river, Palestine shall be free.”

Sandra Perez told the Associated Press that “there is a greater presence of protest this year at Pride events.” “But we were created out of a demonstration.”

A second video shows anti-Israel protesters spray painting a Pride truck and vandalizing vehicles.

One user commented, “The Palestinian protesters are making it clear that they do not want the support from the LGBTQ community.”

Another user said: “When the Left eats themselves, it’s always fun.”

Reports of anti-Israel protesters getting into fights during the night continued protests well into the evening.

Some reports claim that some protesters have climbed over barricades to throw fake blood.

Police also handcuffed dozens of protesters with zip ties.

According to the NYC Pride site, the theme for this year’s Pride Parade in New York was “reflect empower unite”,

The first Pride march in New York City was held in 1970, to mark the anniversary of the Stonewall Inn Uprising. This riot began when police raided a Manhattan gay club.

Around a dozen anti-Boeing and anti-Israel protesters chained themselves together to block Market Street on Sunday, June 30, delaying the 40th Annual St. Louis Pride Parade.

After a brief halt, the parade resumed but quickly all protesters were cleared by law enforcement.

“Protesters refused to leave the streets despite multiple orders to disperse.” St. Louis Police posted on X that protesters would be arrested.

A large group of anti-Israel demonstrators stopped the Philadelphia Pride Parade at the start of the month.

Online videos showed protesters standing on the street and shouting into a megaphone “Palestine shall live forever” as well as “From the Sea to the River,” an antisemitic slogan calling for Israel’s annihilation.

Boston’s and Denver’s Pride Parades both had anti-Israel demonstrators, while a Boston trio of hostiles were arrested.

Over 100 antisemitic agitators dominated the Denver Pride Parade. 9News video showed some navigating SWAT teams to get into the street.

Federal intelligence agencies warned that terrorist groups may target this year’s Pride Month.

The FBI stated in a prior statement that “The FBI and DHS have issued this Public Service Announcement to raise public awareness of the potential targeting of LGBTQIA+ events and venues by foreign terrorist groups (FTOS) and their supporters.” Foreign terrorist groups or their supporters could try to take advantage of increased gatherings in June 2024 Pride Month.

The public service announcement mentioned the incident that occurred in Vienna, Austria on June 20, 2023, when three ISIS terrorists tried to attack a Pride Parade. The public service announcement also mentioned that the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando, Florida took place eight years ago on June 20, 2024.

San Francisco hosted one of the largest Pride events in the world on Sunday, with thousands of people lining up along Market Street.

Minneapolis and Seattle held Pride Parades as well to conclude the month-long celebrations. Seattle celebrated its 50th anniversary of Pride with an expected attendance of over 300,000.