Joe Biden Was Dishonest and Evil at Morehouse College


Joe Biden continues to appear in public without any regret, even though he is losing popularity and the American electorate has become increasingly unhappy with the direction of the country. While speaking at Morehouse College, a historically black college, the president repeated many lies trying to bolster his standing among his former strongest demographic.

Biden’s speech did not show much strength or competence. In his confusion, he made many untruthful remarks, many of them based on race politics.

Contrary to the false statement made by Biden, it is legal in Georgia for people to have water available while they wait to vote. While adults can provide their water at polling stations, it is also allowed. Only third-party campaigning is prohibited. Political activists who try to influence someone’s vote with freebies are not permitted.

George Floyd is not a better name. Biden said that black parents should give their children the “talk” so that they are prepared for police officers to pull them over. Floyd was not pulled over simply because he is black. However, statistics don’t support this fear. He was high on Fentanyl when police arrived and was trying to pass a hot check that was unauthorized in a convenience store.

Biden wasn’t done. He then went back to the old standby of blaming everything on “white supremacy”.

Joe Biden told Morehouse College graduates during an election campaign that the American democratic system had failed the Black community. He also promised to fight the “poisonous white supremacy “.

The president is promoting “white superiority” and several racially tinged lies about modern-day America. He is deliberately sowing racial division for cheap political gain.

All races enjoy the same freedoms today because the American republican system is based on democratic principles.

Biden doesn’t care. His actions are the work of someone with no moral center. Biden’s evil.