How China and Mexico Are Raking in Profits While Taking American Lives


Fox News reports that Mexico’s two largest drug cartels, Sinaloa & Jalisco, operate and fight each other across all 50 states.

This carnage is possible because of President Biden’s policy of open borders.

Violence between two cartels occurs mainly in big blue cities run by Democrats.

The Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) report says that wholesalers and street dealers who bring the cartel’s drugs to the market are extending the deadly reach into U.S. Communities. They may even create their deadly drug combinations. “Together the Sinaloa-Jalisco cartels are responsible for the worst drug epidemic in U.S. history.”

The DEA report stated that two cartels control all drugs on the U.S. streets, although meth and fentanyl seem to be the main narcotics inundating the country.


What it does

China is selling “unfinished” Fentanyl to Mexican cartels. It is then whipped up into pills, often disguised as Xanax or Adderall. Overdose victims often think they’re taking a prescription medication and don’t realize they are about to ingest a deadly poison produced in China and imported and distributed by Mexican drug gangs across a border Joe Biden purposefully left open.

Most drug dealers do not want to kill “clientele.” The dealer in the local dive bar might not know what he’s selling.

It is implausible that Biden’s children have gone to rehab and that he doesn’t know that Americans of all socioeconomic levels are dying at record rates.

The report states that “Fentanyl represents the greatest threat to the United States.” “Fentanyl, along with other synthetic drugs like methamphetamine are responsible for almost all fatal overdoses and poisonings of drugs in this country.” According to the CDC, 107.543 Americans will die from a drug-related overdose by 2023.


Operation Last Mile is the DEA’s national campaign to track and disrupt both cartels. Recently, hundreds of pounds worth of narcotics and firearms were recovered from arrests. From the local to the federal level, law enforcement efforts have led to 1,436 investigations and 3,337 arrests. In 2023, law enforcement confiscated drugs worth $18 million within a radius of 150 miles of the southern border.

Mexico’s president Andres Manuel Obrador said in 2023 that he “would not permit any foreign government intervene on our territory. Much less if a government’s military forces intervened.” This tells me he’s either afraid of the cartels or working with them.

Cartels operate in approximately 40 countries and all 50 states, and they rake in billions of dollars each year. Biden permits the cartels to bring drugs into the U.S. through border crossers and tunnel diggers as well as international shipping companies.

The 45th president (and hopefully the 47th as well) of the United States has a plan that will stop the apparent mass murders taking place every day in America.