Joe Biden is the Best Communicator in the White House

Ronald Reagan, you’re done. Joe Biden is the White House’s best communicator — ask Karine Jean Pierre. She actually told a reporter the exact same thing during yesterday’s press gaggle.

This is a press secretary who cannot string together a sentence without filing an insurance claim. Her comments about “bicameral legislation” are one of her most memorable. Jean-Pierre answered questions about UAPs flying across the sky, claiming that they were neither alien nor terrestrial. But, if they aren’t, they must be terrestrial. If they’re not terrestrial, they must be aliens. They must be interdimensional, unless (whispers). If you are concerned about this, you are on the wrong site.

Joe Biden’s gaffes, however, are legendary and commonplace. They will be there at least once a day, just like the sun rises and sets in the east. He will be Mark Twain for incoherent mumblings and statements. Although we won’t be able to understand what many of them meant they will be a legend. He can sound passionate and animated, which can make him very effective. He’s either making up stuff or not understanding. He’s probably very effective at being ineffective, I think.

The rest of the nation was not unimpressed by Jean-Pierre’s comment. The following were some of the reactions:

Then there’s Pete Buttigieg (Transport Secretary), who despite ignoring the tragedy in East Palestine, Ohio for several days, took the time to complain about the over-number of white construction workers. There is always construction around my house, and I have only seen two white men on any of those crews. The infrastructure was much better when Buttigieg went on paternity leave.

We are now being led by a bunch of narcissistic, agenda-driven nincompoops. Or interdimensional aliens. Both scenarios are possible at this point.