Amidst Fighting With the Teleprompter, Joe Biden Politicizes the MSU Shooting

Joe Biden excels at his job. Karine Jean Pierre says that Joe Biden is the most effective communicator in the administration. Nobody speaks more clearly or elegantly.

Well, that’s true, but it’s not true. The President of the United States, a frail old man who is fighting his own senility in a gun battle, is now a frail old man. The battle was continued Tuesday by Biden’s main foe, the teleprompter.

That’s because he is the White House’s best communicator. The president’s ability to connect with an audience is something that can only be admired. This is a shameful and potentially harmful practice, as American rivals are constantly pointing out and laughing.

But, I digress. It wasn’t Biden’s inability to read large fonts on a huge television that stood out most during his speech. It was actually this gross attempt at politicizing the recent shooting at Michigan State University.

What are the facts? Facts show that the shooter used an automatic handgun and not a semiautomatic rifle. A felon, he had gun charges against him dismissed by a progressive prosecutor for the sake of social justice. “Assault weapons” containing “50, 70 bullets” weren’t a factor in the MSU campus tragedy. There was no gun law that would have prevented it. The area was already gun-free and the shooter did not have legal rights to own a gun.

But, the shameless, self-serving president chose to take advantage of the deaths of three students to promote his political pet project. It was a degrading, clownish act.

Bad people make bad decisions. There isn’t always a magic solution for every problem. The man in this case appears to be mentally ill. It is disgusting that he used his murderous act to push for an insignificant “assault weapons ban” when he hadn’t even used an assault weapon. It’s unfortunately completely on Biden’s brand, however.