Chelsea Handler’s Sad Anti-Motherhood Propaganda Film

Chelsea Handler, 47 (loosely defined as a childless comedian), produced a sad propaganda video for The Daily Show, encouraging young women to forgo motherhood in favor of private jet flights to Paris for quick croissants (because that’s clearly within her reach of middle-class and working-class audiences) and meaningless sex online strangers.

This is what makes life worthwhile.

She explains that “the weightlessness of my existence enables me to be superhuman”.

Behind her clown-like smile, Handler’s existential despair can be felt. She insists on it because she has an idea to push.

I refuse to be bullied and bullied by vapid celebrities who air their inner emotional conflicts for attention. It is simply false.

Statistic proves the truth: Liberal women are more likely to suffer from mental illness than non-liberal females. This disparity could have many causes, but childlessness is my top choice.

If you don’t agree with third-wave feminists who believe that contravening the biological imperative for reproduction is the key to happiness, then you will be branded a misogynist. Polite disagreements can be considered hate crimes.

Discourse is anathema to Social Justice ideology; censorship and smears are more their style. So there are no brakes on the crazy train because no amount of logic or reality is permitted to interfere with the narrative.