Grand Jury Report Recommends Perjury Charges for Witnesses in Trump Probe

Parts of the Fulton County, Ga. grand jury report report have been made public. One big revelation is found among the pages that the court has not made public.

The grand jury report states that it found that there was no widespread fraud in the Georgia 2020 election, which could have led to its overturning.

The grand jury believes some witnesses may have perjured and recommends District Attorney Fani Wilis bring charges against them.

Judge Robert McBurney’s pages do not indicate which witnesses were perjury-related.

Willis called the grand jury to decide whether Trump violated Georgia’s electoral laws. He was trying to persuade Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and others, to tip the 2020 election in Trump’s favor. McBurney stopped her from subpoenaing Burt Jones, the former State Senator. This despite the fact she had actively campaigned to support Jones’ Democratic opponent for lieutenant Governor. Jones won his election, and is now serving as lieutenant governor.

This is still a developing story and there could be more.