Jill Biden’s New Year’s Message Is Everything Wrong With the Biden Administration

There is good and bad news. The good news? 2022 is done and dusted. The bad news is? The bad news? 2023 is coming and it promises to be equally ridiculous. Jill Biden, her husband, provided evidence of this during a joint appearance on New Year’s Eve.

She sat beside Joe Biden, who looked confused and whose eyes had shrunk to the size of marbles in the past couple of years. This was December 31, 2022, in the year of Our Lord.

It is mind-numbing to think that we continue doing this despite all the knowledge we have. What number of booster programs have been put out there that have not helped to end the pandemic? How many people have been vaccinated? With just hours remaining in 2022, Jill Biden is talking like it’s 2021’s Fall, refusing us any relief from the propaganda onslaught, even on holidays.

It is not a positive message to send to the new year but to demand that people get vaccinated against COVID-19. Why even mention the pandemic? Everyone who hasn’t gotten vaccinated before now is clearly not going to get it. They don’t have to be told by the White House that they need to continue talking about this topic. It’s almost comical, from the message choice and the look on Biden’s botox-inflated face as he pretends that his wife, who is not a doctor, has some authority on the subject.

Is the promise of boosters being fulfilled true? While I don’t have the answer, I do know that there are no real studies done by the government on their long-term effectiveness. We only have CDC-reported death statistics to ponder. There is no reason to make a distinction between different demographics regarding coronavirus vaccines, such as age and pre-existing conditions. It is not logical to push children to get the vaccine. There’s also little evidence that healthy young people need to have them. This is especially true considering the natural immunity that was bestowed upon the first omicron.

Jill Biden’s generic plea for help is par for the course in the Biden administration. They will always double down on failing, refusing any nuance, and believing that if they speak enough, it will be accepted as truth. No matter what new data is available, their talking points don’t change. They push harder as evidenced by the White House’s constant denial that 2022 was an earlier year of recession.

This is a bad strategy to win the trust of Americans at a time when institutions are already in crisis. It is also very annoying. It’s becoming a nuisance to hear about COVID-19. Let people go about their lives and not worry about COVID-19.