Prince Harry Wants to Have It Both Ways When It Comes to the Royal Family and the Media

The current season of The Crown features a few episodes that discuss the 1995 interview Princess Diana did with Martin Bashir, BBC. I was particularly interested in the conversation that Bashir and his producer had before the interview, where they discussed convincing Diana to talk to the BBC. Bashir responds that the BBC is reliable and Diana would not go to any American outlets or non-governmental British networks.

Prince Harry, her son, will be doing an interview of his own. Harry is speaking with ITV instead of BBC News. The interview will air next Sunday, just two days before Harry’s tell all book Spare goes public. Surprisingly, Anderson Cooper is interviewing the prince on 60 Minutes. It’s amazing.

ITV has released a preview from the conversation between Harry, Tom Bradby and Harry. It shows how the prince wants it both ways. He wants to be able destroy the royal family and maintain relationships within it.

He told Bradby that it never had to be this way. “The leaking…the plant, I want a familial, not an institution.”

He said that the royal family had shown “absolutely no willingness to reconcile” “I would love to have my father back. I would also like to have my brother.”

According to Reuters, Harry and Meghan, also known as the Duke of Sussex and Duchess, resigned from their royal duties in March 2020. They said they wanted to start new lives in America away from media harassment.

It’s funny that Harry and Meghan have both been open to giving interviews, even though they tried to avoid the media. Oprah has been their friend on numerous occasions. They teamed up with Netflix to create a docuseries on themselves. The series edited a speech by Queen Elizabeth II to make it sound racist. Harry will be giving interviews on both sides of the Atlantic on Sunday.

While the British tabloid media may be a cruel beast, it makes the U.S media seem more manageable. And, as Paula Bolyard, PJ Media’s own, put it last week, Harry is right to protect his family from the UK media monster. Problem is, Harry and Meghan aren’t willing to be completely out of the media spotlight, especially when they have control over the coverage.

Harry’s desire to reconcile with Prince William and King Charles III is admirable. But can he do that while still trashing the family business? According to The Sun, Harry’s book won’t help. According to The Sun, Spare will “go further than his PS80million Netflix series and give a detailed account of their fallout” and that William has not spoken to his younger brother for three years.

Harry must understand that Meghan and Harry are selfish to want it both way. They cannot hide behind “muh privacy” when it’s convenient. Harry can’t complain about his brother and dad not talking to him, while he degrades the royal family. If there is one thing that we do know about Harry it’s his insistence on straddling the line with the royals as well as the media.