I Bet Joe Biden Gets More Vacation Days Than Any of Us

While running for president, the ancient and mentally diminished Joe Biden repeatedly claimed he was fully able to handle the job of the presidency, yet according to a new analysis, he spend a huge chunk of 2022 away from the White House, keeping a low profile in Delaware, Camp David, or on vacation.

According to the Daily Caller’s study of Biden’s 2022 public calendar, Ol’ Joe spent 32 full or half days at Camp David and 92 days at one of his Delaware homes. Additional vacation days were spent in South Carolina (7), Nantucket (5), and the U.S. Virgin Islands (5). This puts Biden’s total number of days away from the office at 141 (or 38.5%) during his first full calendar year in office.

Many people would argue that presidents should spend some time away, but CNN reports that Joe Biden is on track to surpass all previous presidents. Donald Trump was often attacked by the media for spending time away from D.C. at any one of his properties, but the media doesn’t seem particularly critical of Biden’s constant need to charge his batteries away from the public eye.

CBS News’s Mark Knoller reported, “If Biden wins, and keeps his current trip schedule in Delaware,” his vacation time would be significantly greater than that of Obama and Bush43.