Javier Milei Torches Socialism in Tucker Carlson Interview

One South American nation may be about to begin shedding oppressive socialism. Javier Milei is a libertarian candidate for the presidency in Argentina. His dominance in the polls has made him a national sensation.

Milei recently had an interview with Tucker Carlson. He questioned him about his views on socialism and other topics. The conversation was quite informative, particularly from a libertarian perspective. The interview contained some warnings to the United States, as Milei explained how his country had descended from being a liberal society to an authoritarian system with a leftist ideology that has left its economy in ruins and left many people living in poverty.

The conversation was dominated by the topic of socialism. Milei outlined the flaws of statism and the idea that the government should take care of its citizens. Milei explained that Argentina has been embracing socialist ideas for more than 100 years. “Using the metaphor or analogy of the toad swimming in water is always good.”

He continued:

The toad doesn’t realize that the water is being heated. When he finally realizes it, he is dead. Argentina has begun to embrace socialism, which looks attractive but is frightening in terms of how the economic system functions.

Milei was referring to the idea that those on the hard left think that if someone needs something, they have the right to get it from the government. The government steals to give to others.

The candidate has also taken on the social justice movement that is affecting Argentinian culture despite its origins in the United States. He said that socialists don’t like the concept of the invisible hand. They prefer the claw of the state and hide it behind social justice.

Milei, a staunch advocate of natural rights and specifically the right to live, spoke out against abortion. The candidate stated that “libertarianism” is the respecting and restricting of life projects of others based on non-aggression, in defense of rights to life, property, and liberty. “Therefore in relation to ideas of freedom, one of the basic ideas is to defend your right to life.”

Milei responded to the pro-abortion slogan that is often used, “My body, my decision.”

It is true that a woman has the right to her own body, but the child in the womb does not belong to her. The child is not the woman’s body. Abortion is therefore a murder, aggravated by her inability to defend herself and the relationship between them.

Milei reserved some of his harshest criticism for the Pope. He accused him of interfering in geopolitics and siding with the worst leftist authoritarians around the globe. Milei stated, “The Pope has shown an affinity for dictators such as Raul Castro or Nicolas Maduro, in fact, he does not condemn them.”

He continued:

He also considers social justice as central to his vision. What is social justice? Stealing from one person and giving to another. It involves two things. The first is theft…the second is the unequal treatment in front of the law. It does not seem fair to me, let’s just say, that those in a position of authority, such as the State which has a monopoly of violence, reward some and punish others.

Milei was a star in Carlson’s program. His interview does reveal an interesting reality about geopolitics. Javier Milei, if he is elected, will become the first libertarian leader of a state in the world. This is especially noteworthy because South America has a love affair with socialist policies.

Milei’s popularity is a sham. People around the world are growing increasingly resentful of a ruling elite that enriches themselves at the expense and inconvenience of the rest. Many people are tired of officials who dishonestly promise to meet their needs, but do nothing.

It seems that there is a growing feeling that allegiance to an authority may not be as beneficial as once thought. Maybe Milei’s rise is a sign of things to come around the world.