LA Mayor Fears Planes of Illegal Immigrants Could Arrive in Immigrant-Friendly City Any Day

Los Angeles mayor Karen Bass expressed “fear” at the possibility that planes carrying illegal immigrants might be brought to the city any moment.

Bass said to Axios that she was worried that planes were about to arrive any day.

The liberal city mayor’s comments come as governors overrun by illegal immigration have sent busloads of migrants to cities like New York City, Chicago and Washington, D.C. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has already sent 13 busloads of migrants to Los Angeles — which touts itself as a sanctuary city — as part of Operation Lone Star.

Texas Governor. Greg Abbott has sent 13 buses full of migrants to Los Angeles, a city that touts itself as a sanctuary.

Abbott continued to send buses as the city was hit by Tropical Storm Hilary, which Bass called “evil.”

Abbott said that “our border community is at the forefront of President Biden’s Border Crisis and Texas will provide the much-needed relief till he does his work and secures the borders. ”

In the summer of 2016, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis invited migrants from neighboring states to Sacramento. Florida assisted 49 Venezuelans to travel to Martha’s Vineyard the previous fall.

Bass stated that Republican Governors were trying to “destabilize Cities” with their efforts.

Bass told Axios during the event: “It’s the narrative that these are Democratic-run cities and that we don’t know how to govern and that there is chaos here.” ”

According to reports, illegal immigrants arriving in Los Angeles are from Mexico, El Salvador, and Venezuela.

According to the Migration Institute, Los Angeles County is expected to have nearly 951,000 illegal migrants in 2019. This represents about 10% of the county’s total population. This was the largest concentration of immigrants found in any U.S. county.

Abbott said recently, “What’s maddening is that New York City, Chicago, D.C., and LA, among other places, have policies that claim to be sanctuary towns. The liberals love to spread their liberal ideas, but they don’t like to actually live them out. It was clear that policies such as sanctuary cities, and letting anyone live for free did not work.”

Chicago and New York also experienced an influx. Other Democrats were shouted down for their comments on the illegal immigration crisis.

Demonstrators shouting, “Send them back!” drowned out Democrats outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan. The hotel became a refuge for over 100,000 asylum seekers last year.