James Comer Uncovers Direct Payment to Joe Biden from His Family’s Influence Peddling Scheme

The House Oversight Committee is investigating the influence-peddling scheme of the Biden family and has discovered a payment made directly to President Joe Biden.

The president has in the past challenged the investigators by asking, “Where is the money?” Rep. James Comer says they have found money, and that the paper trail doesn’t seem ambiguous.

Joe Biden asked, “Where’s the money?” We found some. We are still investigating evidence obtained from the bank accounts of Hunter Biden – the son of Joe Biden – and James and Sarah Biden – the brother and sister-in-law of the president.

Documents that we are releasing today raise new questions regarding how President Biden personally benefitted from his family’s influence-peddling and access to him. The House Committee on Oversight obtained bank records that revealed a $200,000 personal check from James and Sarah Biden made to Joe Biden. This check has some very important context that we have gathered during our investigation.

James Biden was given $600,000 by Americorp in 2018, a rural hospital operator that is financially distressed and struggling. According to bankruptcy court records, James Biden was given these loans “based on representations that his name, Biden could open doors, and that he could receive a large investment in the Middle East because of his political connections.”

Americorp wired $200,000 to James and Sarah Biden’s personal account on March 1, 2018. Then, the same day, James Biden sent Joe Biden a check for $200,000 from his personal account. James Biden sent this check to Joe Biden in the form of a “loan payment.”

This is a damning discovery that proves Biden wasn’t just a passive bystander to his family’s influence-peddling operation. The illicit dealings produced millions of dollars over a period of several years. James Biden lied to a hospital operator to get $600,000. After the first $ 200,000 was sent to Joe Biden, it was immediately transferred from James Biden’s personal account. Where is the money? Where’s the cash?

James Biden will claim that he was just paying back a loan he received from Joe Biden. This leaves too many questions unanswered, however, and it’s not fair to assume that the best explanation is what happened. What was the purpose of the loan? What was the purpose of the loan and what were the terms? What better way to give money to Joe Biden under the cover of a mysterious loan payment than to use that?

What is now proven, however, is that Joe Biden directly benefitted from the corrupt acts of his family. Contrary to previous claims, there wasn’t a wall regarding financial dealings.

Investigators from the House GOP need to continue connecting the dots. If the check to Joe Biden is a repayment of a loan, there will be bank records showing that the original loan was paid to James Biden. This will be the most important piece of evidence if it doesn’t exist.