Israel’s U.N Envoy Rips Up Human Rights Council Report Over Obsessive Bias

Newly appointed minister of Public Security Amir Ohana is seen with his former counterpart Gilad Erdan at a ceremony for replacing of minister, held at the Ministry of Public Security in Jerusalem on May 18, 2020. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** שר לביטחון פנים גלעד ארדן שר טקס חילופי שרים אמיר אוחנה

During a recent speech at the U.N. General Assembly, Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Ambassador to U.N. Human Rights Council, ripped into a report of the U.N. Human Rights Council. He criticized the global rights body for its obsessed anti-Israel bias and stated how it was always open season at the Human Rights Council on Israel.

The UNHRC issued 142 condemnations of U.N. member countries, 95 of which were directed against Israel. Erdan pointed out that 35 of the UNHRC’s condemnations were directed against Syria while only 10 were directed against Iran.
Erdan stated that how the Human Rights Council has continued to target Israel and the voices of victims against crimes that humanity has seen for the first time in this century. He went on to say that the suffering of victims and the greatest crimes against humanity have gone unnoticed. “Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you!” Erdan stated.

Erdan’s attempt to rip the UNHRC annual report was reminiscent of Chaim Herzog, a former ambassador who ripped the resolution “Zionist-is–racism” adopted by the U.N in 1975. This resolution was finally rescinded in 1991.
Erdan also states how it was at this very stage that the right to a national home for the Jewish people was declared racist, adding that the decision was rightly overturned.

He added how Israel ambassadors, including Chaim Herzog, have torn up before the United Nations. He goes on to point out what must be done to the antisemitic and biased report, adding how it should be thrown out of the international body. He compared it to the 1975 resolution, adding that it equated Zionism and racism.

The Human Rights Council’s obsessive anti-Israel bias expressed once more in this report, also shouldn’t be allowed to influence anyone. He concluded that it had to be thrown in the trashbin of antisemitism and that was exactly how he would treat it.