Biden Cruises Rome With 85-Car Motorcade Before Climate Summit

Democrats are never done being ironic. President Joe Biden recently drove through Rome with an 85-vehicle motorcade in order to attend a global warming summit that was scheduled for Glasgow. Video footage captured the President arriving at the Vatican, although some users noted that it was not particularly carbon-friendly. Another user on social media pointed out that it was absurd for one man to require such an entourage.

Biden has often spoken out about a “climate crisis” caused by fossil fuels. However, it is not clear how many motorcade cars were hybrids or electrics. They appeared to be typical limos and SUVs as well as vans.

Washington Post reporter Seung Min King pointed out in a White House Report that there were 85 vehicles. She stated that the president’s domestic motorcade typically only features a few dozen vehicles. Although it’s possible that the Biden administration was not responsible for this massive protection, it was still ironic after the unveiling of a $1.75 trillion framework to support social and environmental spending. He wanted Democrats to approve $555 billion of anti-pollution and green-energy spending.

Despite his presidential travels, President Biden spoke out about combating the root causes global warming.
Biden even mentioned long helicopter rides while delivering a speech in New Jersey about the destruction caused by hurricane damage and wildfires in West Texas. Biden stressed that the Build Back Better plan would address the root causes of extreme weather events and destruction. He stressed that the climate crisis is “extreme”.

According to reports, President Biden will produce about 2.2 million pounds worth of carbon on his trip to Europe. He will be speaking on climate change. This huge carbon footprint includes four large planes Bide used in his trips to Italy, Scotland, and Scotland where he will be speaking at the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

It is hypocrisy and failure on every level for a Dem leader to speak about climate change while being the one impacting the environment the most. As for how it always is for Democrats, rules for thee but not for me.