NBC News Reporter Says Biden’s Apparent Nap Is A Political Obstacle, Reminds Viewers He Keeps Long Hours

An NBC News reporter recently tried to explain President Joe Biden’s apparent cat-sleep during the speeches at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference. Biden just told military service members that top Pentagon officials have considered climate change to be the “greatest threat” for America’s security over the next years. Yet Biden sat cross-legged, appearing to drift in and out of sleep in a viral video caught by Zach Purser Brown, a Washington Post reporter.

During the opening speeches of COP26, President Biden seems to have fallen asleep. Andrea Mitchell, the MSNBC host, welcomed the senior White House correspondent to discuss what happened in the video. The clip also featured Biden wiping both his eyes.

O’Donnell tried to explain to viewers that she captured him with his eyes closed. She said that he appeared to be sleeping, adding that cameras are everywhere in these situations. The camera captured President Biden falling asleep. They added that Biden will turn 79 in a month.

O’Donnell also shared with liberal MSNBC viewers that Biden has stressed the importance of climate change meetings. She said that these moments can be political obstacles as the hours are long and the time differences are real. She said that many meetings and speeches run quite late.

Donald Trump used to refer to his political opponent as Sleepy Joe and the most recent video won’t deny that. The White House has not yet responded to the video.

O’Donnell went on to say that when you are the leader of the free planet, these moments are scrutinized and seen regardless of any circumstances. She went on to say that Biden had been hard at work before the segment ended, adding that he flew from Scotland from Italy and has a busy schedule.