Israel’s Bold Move: Enters Rafah as Talks with Hamas Collapse, Bibi’s Blunt Message to Biden Sparks Controversy

Israeli troops advanced into Rafah, a southern Gazan city. They seized the main road that divides the east and the west half of the city and encircled the eastern part of the city. Hamas’ “negotiators”, who had refused to continue negotiations with Israel, moved in this direction as Joe Biden declared that he would impose a weapons embargo on Israel if they attacked Rafah.

The negotiations between Hamas & Israel are a total failure. Israeli negotiators are back home and Hamas representatives have returned to Doha. Hamas released a statement on Friday, stating: “The Hamas negotiating delegation left Cairo and headed to Doha. In reality, Israel’s occupation rejected the mediators’ proposal and objected to it in several key areas. The ball is in Israel’s occupation’s hands now.”

Ineptitude on the part of Biden’s staff is a major factor in the breakdown.

Joe Biden, or Biden’s puppeteers, and Israel’s Government are now in a confrontation over the collapse of the negotiations and what could be the end of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Biden has put a stop to existing arms exports and in an interview with CNN on Thursday, he pledged to cut military aid to Israel should it invade Rafah.

Netanyahu, in what was interpreted as a reaction to Biden’s threat to stop arms shipments on Thursday, said: “If we must stand alone, then we will stand alone.” We will fight with fingernails if we have to. “But we have more than just fingernails.”

The threat of Biden is not likely to have a material impact.

Daniel Hagari, Israel’s top military spokesperson, appeared to also downplay any practical impact from any arm holdup. He said that the army had munitions to carry out the missions planned, as well as the missions in Rafah.

The political implications of his threat are immense. Biden is now in a difficult situation. He can either follow through with his threat and show the world how fragile US security guarantees are or he can back down and have the children of his cabinet officials, friends and colleagues jeer him on the Columbia University campus.