Secret Service Shock: Whistleblowers Expose Alarming Vulnerability to ‘Insider Threats’

Jennifer Jacobs, White House reporter for Bloomberg, delivered some disturbing news without further explanation on Thursday.

News: A petition is circulating within the US Secret Service, which raises concerns over “several recent Secret Service incidents that indicate inadequate training, double standards in disciplinary action” and “vulnerability to potential insider threats” which could pose a threat to US national sec. The petition was shared for the first time on Monday and currently has 39 signatures. The petition says it wants to demand a congressional inquiry.

Susan Crabtree, a reporter for Real Clear Politics, confirmed the petition. She also revealed its purpose.

The petition demands an investigation by the House Oversight Committee and Kimberly Cheatle’s removal as Secret Service Director. The petition raises concerns about DEI hiring overriding training and creating issues with security. Whistleblowers want the same kind of investigation that the House Judiciary has just begun into the FBI into the Secret Service.

Crabtree referred to an incident involving the agent from Kamala Harris’ team. The agent was acting erratically and punched her superior. Concerns were raised over her hiring and about alleged DEI policies.

If you have concerns about Secret Service agents, it raises serious and urgent questions. This is true for Joe Biden or Kamalah Harris and all Secret Service protectedees including former President Donald Trump. Jacobs’s “vulnerability” to insider threats is what I find most disturbing. Was that a threat in particular? It sounds as if the whistleblowers are concerned about national security. I am not confident, given the way that agencies have been inundated with politics and leftists and because of the animosity surrounding this election.

House Oversight must look into this immediately to ensure everyone’s safety and not simply send a letter with “strongly-worded” words in hopes that someone will answer within the next few months.