Inspector General Investigating Buttigieg’s Private Jet-Setting Life

If you are a man like Pete Buttigieg, flying around the country complaining about too many white laborers and to avoid the calamity in East Palestine is impossible on commercial planes.

Inspector General of Flagrant Use Of Private Jets is looking into the Diversity Hire Secretary at Transportation

The investigation started after Fox News Digital revealed that Buttigieg was on private jets at most 18 Times since 2021.

Biden seems to ban private jets. Buttigieg doesn’t believe carbon footprints are for the poor, but for those mayors who succeed upward.

An inspector General is currently looking into Buttigieg’s travel history.

“After Americans for Public Trust helped determine Secretary Buttigieg’s excessive use taxpayer funded government planes, it is pleasing to see that his travels are now under investigation,” Caitlin Surland, CEO of Americans for Public Trust (APT), stated Fox News Digital.

Sutherland stated that “Everyday Americans have suffered unprecedented flight cancellations, disruptions,” but Buttigieg continued flying privately even on Coast Guard aircrafts.

FACTO-RAMA! Buttigieg flew on a military plane with his wife to meet Prince Harry (and Meghan Markle) at the Invictus games in The Netherlands last year.

Buttigieg’s group retorted.

Buttigieg’s spokesperson said that the independent audit was welcomed and would help discredit some of his false, outrageous, and cynical claims about his travel habits. ”

A spokesperson stated that exceptions were made by career ethics officers of the Department who worked under both Democratic and Republican administrations. They decided that a nine seat FAA aircraft would be cheaper or that it should be approved for exceptional scheduling or security concerns.

It is not surprising that Mayor Pete loves extravagant travel, especially as a liberal. The plane was sold to the wife of John Kerry. He will no longer need to fly with the rest of We the People.