Elizabeth Holmes Gives Birth to Second Child as She Awaits Prison Sentence

Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos, gave birth to her second child according to court documents filed by her defense team last week.

Holmes’ lawyers cited Holmes’ birth in their most recent request to a federal judge to let her remain in prison while she appeals her federal Fraud convictions. They also argued that Holmes is not a flight threat due to her close family ties.

Holmes’ lawyers pleaded for Edward Davila, U.S. District Judge, to release her pending appeal. They stated that Holmes “has two young children” and has family support in the United States. Her bail was secured by her parents’ sole home.

Judge Davila supervised the trial that saw Holmes convicted last year on three wire fraud and one conspiracy charge. Holmes was convicted after a jury found her guilty of criminally misleading investors by falsely claiming that her blood-testing technology could diagnose disease with just a few drops.

Davila denied the multiple requests of Theranos founders for a new trial and was sentenced to over 11 years imprisonment for her crimes in November.

Holmes will self-surrender on April 27th to start her sentence. Her attorneys are working to ensure that Holmes remains free as her appeal progresses through the courts.

Prosecutors say this request should not be granted. In a filing last month, the government claimed that Holmes could have been a flight risk and that she had booked a one-way trip to Mexico several weeks after being convicted in January last year.

Last week’s filing didn’t state when Holmes’ second baby was born.