In the Aftermath of Trump’s Indictment, All NYPD Officers Ordered to Report for Duty

John Miller, CNN Law Enforcement Analyst, reported Thursday evening that all New York City officers of any rank were called to duty Friday following the unprecedented criminal indictment against former President Donald Trump.

Miller, who appeared on The Situation Room together with Wolf Blitzer, reported that an alarming teletype was sent shortly after the announcement of Alvin Bragg’s indictment as crusading Anti-Trump Manhattan District Attorney.

The NYPD is prepared for any security threat, even though there aren’t any at the moment.

WOLF BLITZER: We’ve got some news coming in now about security preparations underway in New York City. John Miller is our chief law enforcement and intelligence analyst. He’s joining us on the phone right now. You’re well plugged in there, John. What are you hearing?

JOHN MILLER: Well, as of a few moments ago, a teletype went out to all NYPD commands in New York City, ordering that all members of the department, no matter what their rank or assignment, show up in uniform tomorrow [Friday]. So clearly, the NYPD is preparing to have all of its options open in case they have to mobilize a large number of police officers. Right now as they’re scanning, they’re not seeing any plans for any major protests, but that could change overnight because this news is very fresh.

WOLF BLITZER: Very fresh indeed. I know that here in Washington when there’s a really bad situation unfolding, they start mobilizing military personnel. Any talk of that in New York City?

JOHN MILLER: No, we don’t do that in New York City. There are 36,000 police officers in the NYPD. And large groups of them that are specially trained in disorder control. So this is something that they would want to maintain command and control over linearly without bringing in outside entities, especially from outside the city government.

WOLF BLITZER: Yes. So the manpower in New York is significant. So it’s going to be a little tense the next at least the next few days. Is that right, John?

JOHN MILLER: Well, I think what you’re going to have is the watching I mean, the Intelligence Bureau will be looking at social media to see what’s gathering any kind of numbers around demonstrations that people say they’re going to attend. They’ll be looking at groups, of course, because, you know, we learned lessons from January 6th, groups like the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters, the Oath Keepers, and so on. But I think that they’re going to deploy precaution, precaution, at least, you know, around the courthouse for two important dates. One will be tomorrow when this announcement is possibly going to come out publicly because it hasn’t been officially announced yet. And the second day, which will be the real challenge, will be at whatever time the district attorney and lawyers for Donald Trump arrange for him to surrender. And that’s when I think, given experience, the former president’s statements and the statements of at least one of his attorneys, seems like the day that you would see a larger crowd.

After the announcement of the indictment, there were no protests outside Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan. It was a late-breaking story, and nobody knows what to expect as the investigation continues. The activity could increase over the weekend and intensify next Tuesday when Trump is expected to surrender to prosecutors.

Rich Frankel, an ABC News contributor, stated that the protests will create a logistical nightmare in the city and that they must keep him contained but protected. “I’m certain the FBI is looking into any threats and they’re going look at any intelligence that’s coming in towards President Trump and threatening everyone else.”

This case will be a circus, that is one thing we know for certain.