Iconic Business Declares Portland ‘Unsafe’ City and Accidentally Outs Biden’s Open-Border Insanity

Leaders of a successful Portland start-up ice cream purveyor-turned-national chain say they “can’t stay here” because it’s so unsafe. Another one? It’s safe to speak about Portland, Oregon’s terrible leadership and how Mayor Ted Wheeler and other Leftist leaders let the place down. The business has also condemned the Biden administration’s open-border insanity inadvertently. Continue reading.

Portland is an excellent example of what happens when Leftist ideology meets reality. They used the “consulting classes” method to rebuild the city. Then they cheered national leaders doing the same terrible things on a bigger scale.

Now we are in dystopia. It’s not just a boring dystopia, but a costly one.

Visionaries who are actually visionaries are now leaving after engaging in civic dalliances, majoring in minors, and bailing.

Salt and Straw was the result. Joe Biden bought a Baskin-Robbins cone at Salt and Straw when he visited Portland.

It has seen tremendous growth.

Portland leaders, like business owners, know that you need solid foundations to succeed.

Ted Wheeler, Portland Mayor has protested with Antifa and BLM Rioters. He also blamed police officers and anarchists for the wrongs they did, but did nothing until recent about the drugged-out people living in Portland’s streets. It is a haven for illegal aliens, and often the target of Antifa arsonists.

Wheeler, along with his Leftist compatriots, has decried ICE. He joined the anarchists.

Salt and Straw has been made aware.

According to the newspaper, a fire broke out at an RV parked on Southeast 3rd Avenue near Salt & Straw headquarters. The transformer was also damaged.

Malek co-founded the Portland company with Tyler Malek. She said she preferred to work with elected officials.
Oregon and other states wanted to crack down methamphetamines. Legislators passed a law that prohibited the open sale of pseudoephedrine. This could be used by backyard drug chemists to make methamphetamine.

They carry drugs and traffic in children and women to fulfill their illegal aliens obligation.