Major News on Vaccinated COVID Deaths, but the White House Decides to Lie Anyway

The COVID-19 vaccines were promoted as a magical elixir for years. They are so powerful and effective that government mandates forced them onto the public. Even though it was clear that vaccines did not stop the spread and elimination of coronaviruses, the White House and some Democrat-led states continued to promote them along with other nonsensical policies such as vaccine passports.

Things have not improved over time. On Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci gave his supposed last press conference. White House COVID Czar Ashish Jha made this absurd claim.

It amazes me daily how easy it is for the government’s medical establishment to lie to the American people. It is absurd to think that COVID-19 deaths could be avoided if everyone had a booster. This assertion is based on a sham of science.

Natural immunity was a wise choice in the past, given the risks of COVID-19’s initial contraction. But now, with almost everyone having been exposed to Omicron, the truth is that things are as they are. It is absurd to continue to promote vaccines as a single, unfailing solution. Fauci also stated in a press conference that the reason the country is experiencing COVID-19 death rates during the next winter was due to the unvaccinated.

Their statements are made worse by the fact that coronavirus has been reported to have killed more people who were vaccinated than those who weren’t.

A majority of Americans who died from the coronavirus were vaccinated at least once in the primary series.

According to Cynthia Cox (Vice President at The Kaiser Family Foundation), 58% of August coronavirus-related deaths were caused by people who had been vaccinated.

This is a continuation of a worrying trend that has been evident over the past year. The number of people who have been vaccinated has steadily increased as new vaccines were developed and vaccination rates have increased. Only 23 percent of coronavirus deaths occurred in September 2021 among vaccinated individuals. According to our colleagues Fenit Nirappil, and Dan Keating, it was 42 percent in January and February of this year.

Cox stated to The Health 202 that “We can’t longer say this is a pandemic of unvaccinated.”

The White House has a grand plan to stop the rising number of people who have been vaccinated from dying. It promotes more boosters, rather than admitting they were wrong. You’ll become completely immune to the virus if you get boosted repeatedly, they claim. Jha said it, and not mine. Jha’s claim that vaccines are a perfect solution for COVID-19 deaths is utterly rebutted by the fact that many people who were vaxxed or boosted have already died.

It would have been easy to recommend vaccines for high-risk populations as a worthwhile preventative measure. This would have maintained trust in our institutions, rather than seeing them destroyed by false information intended to manipulate the public.

Fauci and his associates instead chose to tell the country that vaccines were necessary for infants, despite the fact that they are not at statistical risk. They continued to ignore natural immunity for many years, without any semblance of humility when they were proved wrong. In an effort to get multiple jabs in every arm regardless of risk factors, they have continued to ignore the fact that COVID-19 deaths continue to be driven by pre-existing and age-related conditions.

Let’s get back to the bigger picture. Has anyone stopped to ask why people who have been boosted are dying at a higher rate than those who received the primary treatment? It’s simply that high-risk populations have a greater propensity to get boosted. While I am certain that this is part of the problem, it should be asked if these continued boosting regimens actually decrease immunity over time. However, to actually study this would be against the religious tenants of COVID-19. We can’t do that.