As Biden Spends Trillions on Political Boondoggles, 41 Percent of Small Businesses Can’t Pay November’s Rent

The highest percentage of small business owners this year is 40%, who say they can’t pay rent in November. Is Joe Biden not constantly telling us how great the economy is?

According to Just the News, Alignable, a small business network group, has released a survey that shows the industry-specific hardships. Notable 57% of beauty salons say they can’t afford rent. This includes 44% of small retail businesses, 44% of gyms, and 44% of restaurants. Add in the “mom-and-pop” stores and you’ll see that the devastating effects of Bidenomics and Bidenflation on millions of hardworking Americans continue.

Biden has also spent almost 6 trillion dollars in taxpayer money on his absurd “Climate Initiative”, $21 million on Gender Equity and Equality Action Fund, and more than $40 billion in U.S. assistance to Ukraine. The list goes on.

Two former Obama economists warned against the absurdly-named “Build Back Better” scam, which would have a massive impact on inflation and add hundreds of billions to the national debt each year.

Alignable reported that we, and small-business owners in America, are here:

This was worse because it occurred in a quarter where more money should have been coming in and rental delinquency should have fallen. However, this quarter has seen the exact opposite.

Rent delinquency rates rose seven percentage points last month from 30 percent in September, to 37 percent in October. This rate has risen four percentage points to a record high in a number of industries and is now at 46% in November.

Although small business owners could cite many reasons why they are having difficulty paying rent, such as higher rent costs or lower revenues, 60% cited inflation (or Bidenflation) as their number one reason. Further explanations by Alignable:

A drop in the number of small businesses that have fully recovered and are earning the same or more monthly after COVID is implemented is one indicator of how much inflation has taken on businesses. This percentage was 24% in October but fell to 14% in November — an all-time low.

And, Joe?

He continues to be the most disastrous American president, calling for a ban on semi-automatic guns every time a high-profile shooting occurs. He also agrees to pay “climate reparations to other countries” and doubles down on his support of “gender-affirming” care for minors. This includes irreversible surgery such as double-mastectomies and hysterectomies.

Joe, it’s all in the name of “progressivism,” right?

The majority of America’s small-business owners — part of the fabric that made America the greatest country on Earth — continue to pay Joe Biden an intentionally high price.