Hulu to Release ‘1619 Project’ Docuseries With Woke Propaganda Pushing Many Subscribers Away

Hulu, the video streaming service, released a preview of its forthcoming docuseries on Tuesday. It is an adaptation of Nikole Hannah Jones’ controversial venture, “The 1619 Project.”

Hannah Jones launched the project in 2019 and it “aims to reframe our country’s history by putting the consequences of slavery, as well as the contributions of black Americans, at the center of our national narrative.”

The project’s supporters believe Americans should be reeducated on the effects of “anti-Black racism” and inequality on America’s past, present, and future. The project’s historical accuracy is repeatedly questioned and disproven.

Roger Ross Williams, the director of the series, stated that “The 1619 Project” is an essential reframing of American history. It is impossible to understand our most beloved ideals and accomplishments without acknowledging systemic racism as well as the contributions of Black Americans. This is not about the past. Black people continue to fight against racism in its current form and the legacy it leaves behind.

Fox News Digital was informed by Corey DeAngelis, the American Federation for Children’s National Director of Research, that the project had “likely something to do with mainstream media coverage of CRT.”

The project caused a lot of controversy about historical inaccuracies. According to the Pulitzer Center website, approximately 4,500 classrooms have included the 1619 Project’s ideas in their curriculums since 2019. Five school systems have adopted the project in broad terms: Washington, DC, Buffalo, New York, and Wilmington, Delaware. DeAngelis explained that the project was adopted by five school systems: Chicago, Illinois, Wilmington, Delaware, and Winston-Salem (North Carolina).

Hulu posted a promo video for the series on Twitter with the caption “The greatest story ever told” and noted that the series would air later in the month. Social media users had mixed reactions to the post.

“I guess it’s time to consider canceling HULU. Pushing a false narrative as an important story says it all. I don’t want my $ going to support this regurgitated fanfic,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Thank you for reminding me to cancel my Hulu subscription,” another user said.

Many of those responding to Hulu’s tweet similarly stated that they had terminated their subscriptions and pointed to the historical inaccuracies of the project.