Biden Has No Idea What He Is Talking About in Border Remarks

We reported that Joe Biden decided to go to the border. He will “address border enforcement activities and meet with local officials”, although the White House isn’t clear on exactly what he will do.

Biden said that he would be going to El Paso. It is not clear if he will actually cross the border, or if he will do the same thing as Kamala Harris who went to the “border”.

On Thursday, Biden made comments about the border that were incorrect, and confusing suggesting he didn’t know what he was referring to. Kamala Harris was there to support him and keep his face blank.

He spoke briefly about Kamala Harris, saying that she knows the border question better than anyone.

He continued by saying that Kamala had gone beyond the United States and that he was proud of her trip to Central America.

What did she accomplish? What was the one thing she did that made a difference at the border? Talking about the “root causes” and taking photos of nothing is useless if you don’t do anything to fix it. Notice that he doesn’t list any of the things she did.

Harris would be the best person to know the situation, I believe. Harris has not participated in any border-related events within six months.

What would Biden have known at this moment? As Harris was called “President”, he didn’t seem to even know who the president was.

He said nothing else. It was all a mess.

He seems to be saying Title 42 makes the problem at the border “even more serious” because people may try to return in.

Wait, what? This doesn’t make sense. The solution is to lift the gate and let everyone in. So what was his reply? While he should be properly enforcing immigration law, Title 42 has been effective in stopping some of the flow. Some could even be expelled. It would be even worse if that was lifted. Biden believes Title 42 makes it worse.

Biden could not even get the Title that applies to immigration rights, something one would expect to be on his tongue if it were not for the problems at the border. He didn’t know what he was talking of.

He also mistyped the CBP’s name — Customs and Border Protection and not Border Patrol.

He was also clueless about Fentanyl. He said that 20,000 lbs of fentanyl would be “enough to kill as many people as 1,000 in this country.” That would kill 4.5 million people. He also left the border open, so why should he be able to know how much fentanyl has hurt the country?

Biden stated that the border is something “extreme” Republicans will always run on.

Joe, border security is important to most Americans. This is not an “extreme” matter, but a fundamental responsibility you have to uphold in defense of our country. It may seem extreme to you, but it is possible that you are the one who finds it so.

Which solutions, if any, did he offer? These were not there. He did however tell them how they could apply for asylum using an app on their mobile phones.