House Democrat Delivers Expletive Filled Attack on Ted Cruz Over Texas Shooting

The nation was shaken by Tuesday’s mass shooting at Uvalde in Texas that claimed 19 lives and injured several others. Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old, was responsible for the horrible act. He was eventually shot and killed by a Border Patrol officer responding to his call.

In a time where unity and prayer are essential for grieving people, Democrats saw another opportunity and decided to go ghoulishly take it. Members of the left, including politicians and media representatives, used social media to accuse Republicans of a shooting that they did not cause. One of the most disgusting examples was from Ruben Gallego, a House Democrat.

These posts were made before the death toll was released. They did not provide any information about the shooter’s motives, gun sources, or possible preventive actions. It is important to pinpoint the policy that would have prevented the shooting, before blaming others. It is absurd to pretend that Ted Cruz, who is against universal background checks and would have prevented any mass shootings in recent memory, is pro-child murder.

Concerning the mention of abortion, Cruz claimed that Cruz cares only about the fetus, but not the children being killed. A fetus, however, is a child. It is a strange belief that Democrats think now is the right time. Gallego wasn’t the only one who used that talking point to show that they are willing to kill children until their birth. What can I take away from this other than that they care only about protecting children when it is politically convenient and in line with their worldview? Cruz, on the other hand, is undoubtedly anti-child murder both before and after they leave the womb. This makes Cruz the consistent voice.

This whole thing is deeply troubling to me. As much as we may want to believe otherwise, human beings don’t have as much control over their lives as they should. Politicians who try to politicize tragedies by suggesting that their policies would have prevented attacks they are not capable of preventing can also be guilty. There is no reason to believe universal background checks, which have been the most talked-about point of the left, would have made any difference in this instance. According to current evidence, the shooter did pass one. However, it is being laughed at that there are suggestions to increase security at schools. This could have a direct effect.

However, it is too easy to make fun of political opponents for tragedies that they didn’t cause. Ted Cruz was not involved in the Texas shooting. It is morally wrong to try and blame him while demeaning the lives of the children in the womb.