Horrific Video of Huntsville Military Helicopter Crash Raises Questions

We previously reported that a UH-60 military helicopter crashed into a Huntsville highway on Wednesday. Everyone on the helicopter lost their life.

Surveillance footage from the tragedy is now providing clues about what may have happened.

WARNING: The actual crash is shown in the video

When I heard of the crash, I checked the METAR at KHSV (Huntsville’s local airport) and found it reading low overcast, and light winds. It was not long ago that I flew into Huntsville. There is some terrain around Huntsville, so I assumed the ceilings were responsible for the crash.

However, this assumption seems to be incorrect. The video is so close that you can see the helicopter spinning as it descends. This would indicate that there is something mechanically going on. This could be caused by a failure of the tail rotor. This could also happen due to a loss in power and a failed autorotation.

Although I fly fixed-wing, I am not an expert in helicopter operations. However, this is what the video shows. Take this with a grain, though. Pilot error is always a possibility in any aviation accident. As more information becomes available, we will update this story.