Dept. of Interior Now Offering ‘Eco-Grief’ Training to Employees explains that ecological grief is a feeling of sadness and sorrow at the loss of our natural environment as well as the effects of climate change. It is a way of accepting that these losses are inevitable. This term emphasizes [sic] sorrow and grief. It implies that the lost can’t be redeemed and that we are coming to terms with it.

The Washington Examiner reports that the U.S. Department of the Interior’s U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service offers eco-grief training for employees who struggle with climate and environmental issues. Participants will learn how to identify their eco-grief, as well as how to manage their emotions. This training is available in the Southwest. This quote was taken from an announcement by the Washington Examiner about the class.

This workshop is a 4-hour long and aims to normalize conservationists’ emotional reactions. It also empowers participants to take care of themselves while they act. This workshop is for people who are experiencing ecological grief or those who want to support them.

Rep. Pete Stauber (R.Minn.), who is a member of the Natural Resources Committee, called this class a wasteful use of taxpayer money. He said, “While taxpayer dollars were spent on this woke course in a university faculty room, the exact same agency is uplisting Northern Long Eared Bat as an endangered and overburdening America’s rural communities. Unfortunately, this is just one example of the Biden government putting woke politics above their jobs or helping rural America.”

A Fish and Wildlife employee who requested anonymity agreed to:

FWS is currently in crisis regarding funding and staffing. Over the past 12 years, refugee organizations have lost between 50 and 60% of their staff. Yet, think about how much staff, time, money, and energy are being used to spread the woke message. Would the FWS allow its employees to have a booth, be dressed in uniform, and support a pro-life event?

The agency used to have employees who wore rainbow-colored NWS patches to attend LGBTQ pride events in the past.

There you have it. Climate change activism and objections are generally not motivated by an indifference to the earth. It is fuelled by the elitist attitude and acolytes from Gaia. Climate is like gender. It’s a line that separates the good people from the poor. It is also an excellent tool to regulate the public and make good money. I don’t know of anyone who believed we should tear everything down and throw it away in the name progress. These people don’t like being demonized by a group that’s been weaponized and turned into a cash-generating machine, and biased against the common man.

As a volunteer HazMat technician at a local level, it was fascinating to see the unfolding events in East Palestine, Ohio. Although I have never been able to respond to something this large, the rest of the team was certain that we would. It was heart-wrenching to see. The federal government has largely ignored the issue because it is located in an area not considered part of the promised land for the elites. Darvio Morrow wrote a very nice article in Newsweek yesterday titled “Why Elites Give a Damn about Ohio.” This was an important call to environmental activists and went unanswered.

We can all agree on the importance of protecting the environment. Many of us are against the environmental movement/industry. We recognize that it is a power grab and a grift. It’s also a celebration of navel-gazing for the elites and those who want to be part of the elite in the future.