Chris Cuomo Reveals ‘I Was Going to Kill Everybody, Including Myself’ After Being Fired From CNN

The internet is exploding over the comments former CNN host Chris Cuomo made on a podcast about his thoughts after being fired from CNN.

Anthony Scaramucci was told by Cuomo on his podcast “Open Book” that he had “to accept [my firing] because I was going to kill everyone, including myself.” You can be consumed by things. Italians are passionate. “It was something I had to fight for.”

The ousted journalist admitted he “makes a lot of mistakes” and started therapy after being “s–t-canned” by CNN bosses.

“There is damage that is relatable, there is damage that is unrelatable to people that I have to deal with, that I am working on,” he continued.

Cuomo was hired by News Nation. We reported that things have not been going as planned. His average viewership is only 63,000 per night, which compares to his CNN show which averaged over a million per night.

He said, “At CNN, and I wasn’t set up for [No. 1]. I wasn’t the biggest name there. I didn’t have a big team and they didn’t do any advertising about me. However, I was still No. 1. Why? It was because it was the best show. Because I was trying to give people what they needed at that moment.”

Chris at NewsNation knows, however, that the audience is small and people don’t want it to.

He lamented, “It’s difficult to keep perspective on it because it’s kinda embarrassing,” before telling The Mooch, “I’ll never be [No. 1] again.”

“I believe that it was taken, but I am wrongly convinced. That will be my case. It is not something I will mutter about in the media.”

He b**ched about it to the media. It’s obvious that he hasn’t resolved his problems with being fired.

He is currently suing CNN and said that he was also “in litigation” over the cancellation of his book following his firing.

Yes, it is normal to be upset about being fired. It’s normal to feel upset after being fired. However, this has nothing to do with Italian culture. This is a horrible excuse and insulting to Italians. He sounds like therapy was a good idea.

Cuomo attempted to claim that he had never said it and that the single quotation marks meant it wasn’t a quote, but a “characterization” when it was shared all over the internet.

“See the single quotations? Cuomo attacked the NY Post for publishing the story. The truth is that we all struggle, and all of us have to deal with anger and upset…I am no exception. This is the point…you get what they mean…so it goes.

Um, Chris? There’s audio. He doesn’t know that single quotes are AP-style headlines. Although the headline may be slightly misleading, it actually reads “I was going to murder everybody, and myself.” Also, the exact quote is in double quotations in the article’s body, so he is just being absurd. Cuomo has said some outrageous things before, such as his remark about Fredo. It seems like Cuomo still needs to learn a lot.