Here’s How Dems Get Away With Anything

Here comes another celebrity blaming a Trump family member for all of their problems. The latest social media backlash and anger has been towards Howard Stern over his wearing of blackface and using the N-word during his career. He came over fire when old clips and photos of him wearing blackface re-emerged and sparked outrage on the internet. 

Howard Stern was reportedly mocking actor Ted Danson who once dressed up in blackface to perform at a Friars Club roast in the ’90s. He states he has changed his life and learned from previous mistakes, which included wearing blackface in the ‘80s and ‘90s. 

“The big headline is this, and this is my fear in all of this. I was able to change my approach, and able to change my life, and you know, how I communicated. You know, if I had to do it all over again, would I lampoon Ted Danson – a white guy in blackface doing, you know – yeah, I was lampooning him, saying, ‘Hey, f***, I’m not going to shine a light on this,’ but would I go about this the same way now? Probably not,” Stern said during his Sirius XM radio show. 

He said he was likely “insane” when he was wearing blackface, but was able to recover through therapy. Then, as usual, Stern pointed the finger at Trump Jr. at fault for retweeting a viral video of stern. He was poking a hornet’s nest and it might not be relevant news today if it wasn’t for that. Pushing the blame on Trump? Shocker. 

Stern then adds that it distresses him that Trump Jr. and the President “won’t go into psychotherapy and change.” He said they shouldn’t be attacking him during coronavirus and Black Lives matter. That they bullied and “exposed” him. Mind you, Stern has an expansive history of using racial epithets and wearing black makeup. 

Stern has worn blackface to impersonate Clarence Thomas, the second African American U.S. Supreme Court Justice. On “The View” he denied using the N-word even with a video clip that shows the radio talk show host using the N-word and racist language in front of his longtime sidekick Robin Quivers, who is black. Stern was caught rapping a song titled “My N****”, a parody of rapper DMX’s song of the same name. He has been caught talking to Eazy-E using phrases such as “Let me speak some African to you.” The list goes on.

Stern has lied time and time again, there are countless examples. But, of course, the media isn’t talking about any of this. You can just about get away with anything if you have enough money and liberal woke mob cred.