Most People Have Trouble Saying This…Not James Wood Though

Politicians have been working hard these last few weeks to respond to calls from the Black Lives Matter to “defund the police.” 

A few days ago, the mayor of Albuquerque, NM, Tim Keller, announced a “first of its kind concept” for the city to incorporate a civilian public safety branch where social workers would respond to some 911 calls. Those calls include inebriation, homelessness, addiction, and mental health. This doesn’t sound like something that will end well and actor James Woods didn’t think so either.

James Woods put together a tweet thread that proves it won’t end well. He combined a handful of active crimes with the caption “Quick. Call a social worker.” Those crimes included assault, burning buildings, and vandalized homes. The irony behind his tweets even got him an official complaint from Twitter. This isn’t the first time James Woods has pointed out the hypocrisy on the left, especially the Hollywood Liberals. 

James Woods stepped up to the plate to take a swing at the celebrity endorsed NAACP “I Take Responsibility” Racism PSA video including Kristen Bell, Kesha, Aaron Paul, Stanley Tucci, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Debra Messing. The video explained to us how white privilege and silence is hurting society. Woods said to look at their eyes. These people weren’t sincere, they were simply reading words off a teleprompter in an attempt to dramatize each other. After all, they are paid actors. 

The Hollywood liberals think they need to live by a separate set of rules that they want to enforce upon the rest of it. It’s about time that conservative celebrities start speaking up too, though that’s pretty impossible in this world when your beliefs don’t align with mainstream media and people get into the trend of “cancelling” celebrities. The celebrities who speak out on the right get called racist, evil, greedy, you name it.

James Woods has also supported President Trump tweeting that Trump “loves America more than any president in my lifetime.” He calls him a rough individual but the last firewall between us and this cesspool called Washington. Later on Trump even tweeted back to James thanking him for the praise and calling it a “great compliment.” 

James Woods then tweeted: “And indeed it was intended as such, Mr. President. Rough men stay the course. Treachery, however, is the most dangerous enemy a leader can face. Even Caesar succumbed to it. Be wary. Stay strong. God bless.” This tweet also included the hashtag #Obamagate, a phrase that Trump had tweeted multiple times when he claimed his campaign was unfairly targeted by his predecessor’s administration.

Woods is one of a small minority of outspoken conservative stars among Hollywood’s predominantly liberal A-listers. We need more sensible celebrities like James Woods who use their platform for good and speak out for the American people.