“You’re Not A Journalist, You’re An Activist”: Ellis Slams CNN

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised what comes out of Brian Stelter’s mouth since he works for CNN but he’s at it again. He recently had President Trump’s legal advisor Jenna Ellis on in which he tried to shame and belittle her. It’s safe to say it didn’t end very well for him.

CNN’s Brian Stelter was complaining to Jenna Ellis about the term “fake news” and how she will regret using “slurs” when her kids and grandkids see this one day. Yes, let’s bring up this woman’s children and grandchildren, then throw in the hypothetical that they will be talking about Brian Stelter being called fake news 20 years from now. It’s such a ridiculous contention that it’s hard to see someone making it with such a straight face, but here comes CNN getting its feelings hurt again.

Ellis didn’t take the insults lying down. She quickly pointed out that Stelter is not a journalist, but that he’s an activist. Ouch, good one. “He is the first one to actually use his platform as an American citizen to be able to call out the fake news media,” Ellis said, referring to Trump.

“You’re not trying to do your job, you’re not a journalist, Brian, you’re an activist, that’s the problem. You have an agenda, and your agenda is anti-Trump. You’re an activist, you’re not reporting fact and truth,” Ellis responded to Stelter in saying that the “fake news” slurs are damaging. 

Stelter really is fake news. What’s the point in having Ellis on the show if you’re just going to talk like that? I’m sure it doesn’t help for ratings, even as CNN continues to lag behind the other two major networks. Ellis then points out that as soon as he got going with personal attacks, that’s when she knew he lost the debate. 

This is just insidious and another selling act to Stelter’s political narrative. The hypocrisy and bias, along with accusing others of doing things that he and his network do themselves. It’s time for CNN viewers to tune into a different channel.