Gruesome Beating Ends in Murder Charges for 4 Las Vegas Teens

Las Vegas prosecutors announced that the four teenage boys who beat a fellow high school student to death will all be charged with murder as adults in relation to the mob-style beating on November 1st. Two 16 and two 17-year-old teenagers were all charged with second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit battery. District Attorney Steve Wolfson stated that his office did not charge them with first-degree murder due to a lack of evidence showing premeditation. The teenagers are identified as Dontral Beaver, 16; Gianni Robinson, 17; Damien Hernandez, 17; and Treavion Randolph, 16.

The four teens are still being held without bail. However, on Tuesday, the judge granted the request of prosecutors and attorneys for their transfer from the county jail into the juvenile detention facility, citing safety concerns.

Eight students aged between 13 and 17 years old have been arrested so far in connection with the brawl on Nov. 1, which resulted in the death of Jonathan Lewis Jr., 17 years old. All of the other students, who are under 16, are waiting for separate hearings.

The incident took place on 1 November. We will not display the video of Jonathan Lewis Jr. being beaten. The video clearly shows several students recording the incident and multiple suspects repeatedly kicking, punching, and slamming Lewis Jr. into the wall of a restroom. Johnathan Lewis Sr. said his son was beaten because he stood up for a student who was bullied about a pair of headphones that were allegedly stolen. Lewis Jr. died less than a month after he was placed in a coma.

In Nevada, a teen accused of murder may be charged as an adult if they were at least 13 years old when the crime was allegedly committed. They are entitled to an “audit” called a certification hearing where a judge in family court weighs the evidence and the teenager’s past before deciding if they will be transferred into the adult court system.

In Nevada, teens 16 and older who are accused of murder can be charged with the crime as adults. No certification hearing is required. Last week, a judge transferred the cases of four older students. Records from the police show that on the day the fight took place, one of the students had turned 16.

Eight teenagers, ranging in age between 13 and 17, were arrested soon after the incident. The suspects, as well as the victim, were all students at Rancho High School.

Here you can watch the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police’s briefing about the case.

The brutality of this whole incident is shocking. The attack is documented in a video […], and the fact that it was provoked by a pair of headphones only makes it more shocking. It is safe to assume that either Mr. Lewis or his friend, who was not named, was the owner of the headphones. This makes the attack even more horrifying, because the gang that beat Jonathan Lewis to death was, in essence, brutalizing him, for having the temerity, to question their theft.

It was disgusting to see the suspects’ animalistic and savage behavior. They acted like a pack of hyenas or wolves. All of them were involved in the beating and taking photos or videos, or cheering on the suspects as they beat the teenager to death. Their lack of moral awareness and empathy was evident in their laughter and smiles. We see this trend a lot these days, where a group of boys will jump on one victim and beat them up while they cheer themselves on. They also behave like swarms that loot stores or terrorize groups to steal or terrorize. Real men don’t do that. Men are taught to fight one-on-one, like men.

Why is this happening? Is it the America that you remember or is it a dystopian nightmare, where you can risk your life if you stop at a 7-Eleven store? I would say that at least in certain areas, this is the case.

If there are any parents, they cannot defend the behavior of their sons because they seem to have deliberately raised them in a way that they would do what they did.

This is a far cry compared to the days when such incidents were rare. It’s becoming more common and sadly normalized because of the lax criminal justice system weakened by leftist agendas. The leftist policy of coddling criminals further encourages criminal behavior, almost to the extent that it makes people more likely to commit violent acts or criminal activities. It is time to make a change, or else our society will continue to spiral into madness.