Grammy Winner Killer Mike Detained: From Glory to Handcuffs in Shocking Turn

There are highs and lows in life. Rapper Killer Mike just learned exactly what that means.

Killer Mike won three Grammys at the Grammys. You could tell he was excited. It was the pre-televised part of the show. The categories he won were Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song.

Warning: Graphic language.

He proclaimed, “You can’t say that I’m too old. You can’t say it’s too early. You can’t tell. Dreams do come true!” He was ecstatic, although he had won his first Grammy 20 years ago.

As high as he felt at the moment, he was shocked to discover that he had been arrested by the police and that they were leading him away. You can hear him asking the police, “What the f**k? 

The Hollywood Reporter’s Chris Gardner reported that Killer Mike had been detained after a “physical incident” which was likely a misdemeanor.

They stated that he was likely to be released on Sunday night, and this had nothing to do with anything happening tonight or the Grammys.

Is it really necessary to remove him from the Grammys for such a minor offense? It seems a bit excessive. Particularly when they let every Tom, Dick, and Harry go with nothing in Los Angeles. In context, this is an odd use of force.

Killer Mike was on Bill Maher’s “Real Time”, HBO show on Friday and when asked, he refused to say that he’d vote for Joe Biden. He said that he would not, citing several reasons for this including the Crime Bill that Biden was instrumental in passing back in the 90s and the “you ain’t black” comment.

We’ll update you as soon as we have more information about this story.